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September 2, 2016

Wow, our enemy is alive and well.  Pray please for Chris.

It’s been over 2 months since the site has been updated, please forgive me, to God and my sweet Mother. I so easily seem to get discouraged when I don’t feel like there are viewers, or that perhaps this isn’t the path that should be taken to carry on Mother’s vision and memory.  When that discouragement comes, I often ask myself, “Why are you doing this?” It is then that I realize that I am doing this to honor Mother, to draw attention to Chris’ case, and to be obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  It actually has NOTHING (or should have nothing) to do with if or how many people are viewing the site.  I stand corrected!

 There are 2 videos on YouTube that can give you some insight to this journey – If you take time to watch, please let us know in the Comments and Testimonies section.  Our goal is at the least two fold, 1. To draw attention to the lack of investigation and the lack of justice for both our precious Mother and our brother, and 2. To help anyone that is going through such horrible life events and help with an avenue to both endure and to recover.


Would you like to know more? Please take a moment to review this presentation of how OEWG Ministry came to be.                             
           OEWG Presentation-111215D
Want to know more of the legalities?   Please take a moment to read this Motion prepared and submitted on Chris’ behalf. This is a .pdf of the actual legal document which was filed.  The names are not changed (to protect the guilty, hmmm or innocent) because they are relevant to the document.
FYI: There are some forensic details that some may find disturbing, but these too are relative to the case and part of the actual testimony. Please take this into consideration before reading the document.
Videos of ‘more of the story’   You Tube link to videos


Would you like to share a story or experience that you’ve had with Mrs. Peggy?  You can do that under Comments and Testimonies



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