Faith – #3

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 Originally written July 3, 2013

You know, we think of faith in a different way, I think when we’ve been required to have great faith.  I’m just thinking of how easy it is to say or think, ‘I will rely on God totally and lean on His understanding.’  I think we know this is the thing to say, and what we should strive to do but I wonder to what degree we ever really learn TRUE independence on Christ.

As a newborn child relies on someone to feed and nurture them, I believe our Father places people in our lives to do the same in our journey as new Christians.  It’s when we allow others to show Christ’s love to us that we will be able to display Christ’s  true love to others in our future.

I remember years ago as a single mother; I was going to school 1-2 nights a week, working full time and going to church on Sundays and Wednesday nights.  It was tough but there was a small group of us singles that created a class called MAG (Me And God) and in that class we learned that God loved us, truly loved us, imperfect and all.  We cared about each other and we supported each other.  It’s remarkable that a few months ago I spoke with one of the other mom’s in that group and the words were spoken, ‘Those were good days.’  It wasn’t easy and there were struggles, but God was with us and they were good days.

It was during that time also that my schedule at work was changed to include overtime (which I desperately needed) but that meant hours of 6:15 AM – 4:45 PM.  I was in distress at asking someone to take my children at that hour, but once again, God put someone in my life to make it possible.  My precious friend, Barbara Voss took my children at that hour, made them a pallet so they could return to sleep and cared for them as her own.  I can remember many afternoons when I returned she would have me a plate of supper on the table.  What a huge blessing she was!  I’ve thanked her often, but I’m not sure I can ever thank her enough for showing the kindness that God laid on her heart for me.  Without God’s provision I would have had to change jobs, my schooling was financed through my company with tuition reimbursement; so no dependable job for 27 years and no degree (I could never have paid for it myself).  The list just goes on and on how God has placed people in my life to ease the way.  The way has not been easy, but I can look at so many circumstances and see my precious Heavenly Father there, holding me in His hand.  More come to mind than I can write about today…another day, maybe.

Through the horrendous several weeks after mother’s death, I cannot tell you the number of times that things just ‘worked out’ for my sister and I.  We heard more times than I can count, ‘Well, you girls sure are lucky, ____  Fill in the blank (Something would work out quickly that normally would take three weeks, or a certain person would be available that normally you would have to wait several weeks for an appointment, the list just goes on and on.  We would just look upward, we knew we weren’t lucky – we were blessed and highly favored!

I thank you for reading my words, it’s such an honor to feel like God is going to use these life events to His glory.  It’s an honor to be a light for His glory and to help overcome evil with GOOD!  I feel like I have to say here, that if you don’t have Christ in your life, don’t miss it!  You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be anything except YOU!  It’s a truly wonderful feeling to know that you (I think I’m a very, very special child of God, but truth be known…we all are.  He would leave the 99 to get the 1.  The 1 being You.  All you have to do is start talking with Him, just accept Him and allow Him to work in your life to show you what He has planned for you.  My favorite verse is John 10:10, but another comes to mind right now (read that one, though).  The Jeremiah verse that says, ‘For I know the plans I have for you,: declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Wow, what more could we ask for?


God Bless

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