Independence Day – #4

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 Originally written, July 4 – Independence Day, 2013

Independence — without getting up to get a dictionary (and who wants to do that?) I would say independence means being able to survive on our own or without visible support from any other source. 

While it was wonderful for the settlers many years ago to fight for and gain independence from Britain, I personally do not see independence as a totally positive thing. In my mind, to be independent from God would be to flop and falter around with no hope, no direction and no clear path for ourselves. I understand that feeling because there have been periods in my life that I tried independence from God. This was because I was not living as I knew I should and felt unworthy of his help and care. 

The Bible says ‘apart from Christ we can do nothing…’  Well, I couldn’t actually find exact scripture and verse on that but I’m fairly certain it’s in there. If not, it’s definitely true. Oh we may do things, but apart from God we can and will make messes for ourselves. 

If you look back at the introduction to these writings, you will not see one thing on that list that didn’t take faith and complete trust in my Heavenly Father for peace and support. In the case of Mothers death, God was totally responsible for the strength to breathe in and out. I give God all the credit for that, He is so good. Don’t try to live your lives without Him!

God Bless. In the words of my sweet Mother ,”Jesus loves you and I do too!”