July 8, 2013 – 4 years later

Covenant –July 8, 2013

A covenant, I think is something a little more serious than an agreement or a promise. In my mind a covenant means a promise that is more committed or more serious. (here’s that dictionary thing again…I’m going to have to find a dictionary app for my phone)

I was blessed beyond measure to find a handwritten covenant that my Mother wrote to God. I’m including a picture at the bottom of this article.

The covenant says:

“My Commitment or Covenant with God –

“When God provides, I commit to use 90+ % of the money for the furtherance of His Holy Word. I further commit … or more of the 10 % I use personally to the commission Jesus gave to us. I fully acknowledge that it is from God that all blessings flow. I will use my abilities to help God’s children to see the Truth of God’s Love. I will diligently seek God’s Will in all I do.”

It is signed, Peggy Jean Alexander February 15, 2011

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there, obviously the next day she thought of something else and being the extremely intelligent woman that she was – she added an addendum:

“I will earnestly strive to make sure that all gifts will be administered in such a way that the end result will be positive for God’s will.”

It is signed, Peggy Jean Alexander February 16, 2011

Finding that handwritten document is priceless to me but even more priceless is that she had fulfilled her covenant! Mother did not make a lot of money by man’s standards, but she was rich, she was rich beyond measure. In one of her writings to the ladies at the jail, a booklet as such called “When You Are In The Wilderness”, she says she speaks these things to herself when starting to feel discouraged…”You have a wonderful life compared to many others. You earn enough to take care of your needs and most of your wants. You have a comfortable home, a palace by some of the world’s standards. You have running water, good heat, a car that is paid for, houses that are paid for, a good healthy body, a job – but even more important, you want to work so you can stand tall and be proud of yourself. You are intelligent enough to know how to get around in this life. You have good eyesight and a compassionate heart. You have a wonderful family who love you so much. You have Peace and Joy in your life. You have God to protect you from all harm and his promise that whatever you set out to do in the name of Jesus will be blessed with abundance. What more do you want???? GET AWAY FROM ME DEVIL! I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONTROL MY THOUGHTS AND MY MIND! MY LIFE IS PROTECTED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS! HIS POWER IS MUCH STRONGER THAN YOURS WILL EVER BE!!”

One day soon, I will send the entire text of “When You Are In The Wilderness”, it is amazing! I am so proud, honored and humbled to be able to continue this beautiful woman’s work. There are more things than I can write about in one article. One day soon I hope to share her plans for a woman’s shelter – not just plans, but PLANS!

God Bless!


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