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Date/Time:  February 11, 2016 7:30PM CST

Name:       Renee Jackson

Comment:   I had the privilege to meet Ms. Peggy when I married my husband (Josh) one of Chris’s best friends. She was a doll, so sweet and welcomed me. At first to be honest I didn’t like Chris. But he grow on me the more a was around him. Every time we would go over to their home Ms. Peggy always came out and gave us a hug and asked us how we have been. When Chris married I had been asked last minute to be in the wedding. Not knowing Tonya, Chris asked me to please give her a chance. That she needed a good true friend. Well we became best friends (I hate to say that now.) Chris just like me didn’t see the lies she would play.  Well Chris has a big heart as I came to find out. He always loved his mom and talked about her in almost very other sentence. Chris’s family is one of the sweetest families I know to this day. I love them all very much.


Date/Time:  January 15, 2016 3:30PM CST

Name:       Priscilla Franks

Relationship to Ministry:          Peggy is my Aunt by marriage.  She was married to my Daddy’s brother.  Her daughter’s Debbie and Beth are my first cousins.

Comment:   Always, Always even when I was a little girl, I thought Peggy was so, so pretty.  The last time I saw her she came in my work place to renew her car tag.  I told the women I work with that she was my Aunt, she looked at me and said, “You are so sweet”.  We laughed. She told me about her book she was working on, but she was more excited to share with me what God had done and was doing in her life.  How important Salvation is. I will never forget the way she looked that day.  always so pretty.

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