Letters and Drawings

There will be many different kinds of letters displayed here on this site.

Mrs. Peggy was involved with a jail ministry for women in Savannah, Tennessee for several years prior to her death.  She, along with some other strong women of faith went every Tuesday night and ministered to the young ladies there.

a.  She wrote letters of encouragement to these women, we’ll share some of these letters.  When You’re In The Wilderness is a letter she wrote, July 1, 2008 to “Jane and all the ladies there”.  We were blessed to have found this and have shared hundreds of copies to encourage and help grow faith.  It was especially heartwarming as July 1 was her birthday, and on her birthday, she was thinking of, writing to and encourage women in the jail.  What an example of Christ, right?

b. She received letters of thankfulness from some of these women.  We’ll share some of those letters as well.

Chris has written some very powerful letters to his family during this injustice.  He’s funny, but his faith in God always find a way of bringing peace and comfort to us (his family) as he endures hardships unimaginable.  we’ll share some of those letters.

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