Some of the reasons why – from 2013…

I wrote this in 2013, it’s surprising to me that now, almost 2016, I still feel the same in so many ways.

I wrote this on Sunday afternoon, before Mother’s birthday on Monday, July 1.  If you believe Facebook, she would have turned 33 on Monday (someone may have transposed year numbers on date of birth…).  It seemed important to me to create ‘birth’ this project on her birthday because it is because of her that it is created.  Not only by what she taught as she was alive, but perhaps more for what she taught me personally in her death.  While the circumstances surrounding the death sometimes try to overshadow the life that was, it’s almost impossible for that to happen.

You see, we found out after her death that my mother actually lived the life that Christ proposed for us to live.  I knew some of the things that Mother was involved in, the jail ministry for example.  I also knew that she was sweet to the children at her school.  But not until her death did I actually find out the extent to which my Mother actually ‘got it’.  She really ‘got it’!  While not perfect, I’m sure… she was going about showing God’s love and committed to it.  I’m going to get to the writing, I could go on and on and I will at some point later.  I’ll share the handwritten commitment she made with God, and the addendum to follow the next day.  It’s precious! Also, the many plans she had for the good works she was going to do…and still may!

Overcome evil with good – this evil that has touched my life was pure, UNIMAGINABLE evil.  There have been so many people, almost everyone actually that says, “I can’t even imagine what you are going through.” I agree, you can’t imagine, I can’t describe it either.  It has been most definitely grief beyond measure – such and unexpected, gruesome event and yet, when I begin to tell about it I can hardly get started before the ministry that my Mother had comes up.  She changed or impacted positively so many lives in that small town with the love of God!

My husband, Willie tells the story a little differently (from another perspective)… Mother had worked at an elementary school for many years, was still working at the time of her death.  When my sister and I went to the school to secure pall bearers, Willie says as he and my daughter, RaeAnne were waiting for us it was an amazing sight to watch.  As word spread around the school that Ms Peggy’s daughters were in the office there was such a buzz.  I knew that Mother had many friends there; I knew that she was good to the children; I knew that she was great at complimenting and helping people feel good about themselves, but I had no idea.

We had so many people come to us with love for our Mother and stories of how special and amazing she was.  Every child (I believe this to be correct) in that elementary school wrote a card to Ms Peggy’s family, every bulletin board was in honor of Ms Peggy, the list goes on and on.  There were fifth graders that were sorry for the kindergartner students that would not get to know Ms Peggy as they had, many told of how she would counsel them in the ISS (In School Suspension) room, or how she would make them feel special in the cafeteria.

What a gift!  What a gift from my Mother!  From my Holy Father!  It is because of this gift that I feel the need to carry my Mother’s work out.  I felt the Holy Spirit say, “She wasn’t finished…there’s more work to do.”  As long as the words come and there are people that want to here, I’ll continue this form my Holy Father and my Mother.

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